Selling Fine Jewelry and Engagement Rings since 1996 – Two Locations, One in Chesapeake and One in Virginia Beach


Tidewater Engagement Rings is the Online arm of Jeff and Glenda Craddock’s Jewelry Pawn Shops, Greenbrier Pawn and Hilltop Pawn. For locals you know Jeff and Glenda from the years of TV and Radio commercials. An ever-present run of funny, sometimes corny, commercials have made them the local go-to store for jewelry. What you see here on the site represents approximately 10% of the actual inventory of the stores. With new items coming in daily only some are added to the site. 


The pictures you see are actual pictures of the pieces not renderings. Most pieces of higher value are independently appraised by a local GIA certified appraiser. To see a piece in person just give us a call and we can tell you in which store a particular piece is located as well as any particulars. We look forward to meeting you and helping you discover why so many of your friends shop with Greenbrier and Hilltop Pawn.